17 lunch box menus for school Cute cooking ideas for your child

17 lunch box menus for school Cute cooking ideas for your child
17 lunch box menus for school Cute cooking ideas for your child

17 lunch box menus for school Cute cooking ideas for your child

Look at the idea of ​​making a lunch box menu for school. Can be used with all types of food, including Thai food, Japanese food and Western food. It can be arranged for the children or father to go to work as well.

Mothers who are looking for cute lunchboxes for their beloved children to bring to school. presents how to make a lunch box for school. Can be taken to eat for breakfast or lunch as well.

But before going to arrange a lunch box We have compiled a technique to teach you how to make beautiful bento by sketching from Khun Karuna Sirakulyawan (Mother Eclair), owner of My Little Kitchen Facebook page, as a guideline for use in the lunch box menu. Children are as follows

Photo from Khun Karuna Sirakulyawan My Little Kitchen

Prepare a wooden box to place the lunch box in to give it a warm feeling. look natural
Sketch before arranging the bento boxes. By arranging all 5 colors, including white, black or brown, green, red and yellow or orange. Each color is an individual food.
Arrange the food into a beautiful proportion.
Any mother who is ready, come pick up the lunch box and go to the kitchen.

1. Stuffed Egg Rilakkuma Bento
Pleasing lazy bear lovers with stuffed egg rilakkuma bento recipe from Mr. Mutita Mongkoludomsuk The rice is shaped like a bear and covered with an omelet. Stuffed stuffed with long beans and minced pork
Ingredients: Stuffed Egg Rilakkuma Bento
chopped yard long beans
onion alley
minced pork
oyster sauce
soy sauce
Seasoning Sauce
fish sauce
granulated sugar
Vegetable oil (for greasing the pan)
1 egg (divided 1 teaspoon egg white)
cooked rice
crab sticks
Rice press in the shape of Rilakkuma bear
cheese press
Seaweed Press
How to make stuffed egg rilakkuma bear bento
Make the filling by adding long beans and stir fry. Followed by chopped onion and minced pork, stir to combine. Season with oyster sauce, light soy sauce, seasoning sauce, fish sauce and sugar as desired. Stir to combine (Taste to make the filling more intense than usual. because it has to be eaten with eggs) scooped into a cup and prepared
Lightly grease the pan with vegetable oil. Bring it up to a high heat and turn it down.
Beat the eggs (before beating the eggs, divide the egg whites into 1 teaspoon) and slowly pour them into the pan. Peel into thin strips, wait until cooked and turn over. Fry until the eggs are cooked on both sides, scoop up and prepare.
Put the remaining egg whites in the pan until cooked. Fry so that the color doesn’t have to be dark. Make a nose and prepare it.
Scoop the rice into the mold, press it out and place it in the rice box with the rice next to it.
Use a cheese press to press a fried egg to make a nose. and use a mold to press seaweed to make eyes (You can use scissors to trim the desired size to fit the other parts.)
Place the egg white rilakkuma nose on the rice. Eye and mouth makeup with algae Scoop the filling mixture into the rice box. Cut an omelet into a rectangle for making a blanket. and put it in the rice box Keep the ends beautiful
Carve the crab sticks into sheets and use the end of the tube to press into small circles and place them on the rice to form the cheeks of bears on both sides.
Use the press to press the sheets into various shapes, such as hearts or stars, and put them on the blanket to decorate them beautifully. Then cut a small egg crumb for making ears. Beautifully decorated and ready to serve
2. Little Rabbit Rice in Karaage Chicken Park
Pamper your daughter with a little rabbit rice menu in Chicken Karaage Garden, a recipe from Mongmutit Bento, member of website. Grasp the chicken fillet and fry until cooked. Put it in a rice box with cute rabbit rice balls and egg rolls.
Ingredients: Bunny Rice in Karaage Chicken Park
Chicken thighs, about 100 grams
1 tbsp soy sauce
Boiled ham, bacon or carrots
crab sticks
Seaweed and seaweed press machine
egg, beaten enough
Flour 1 tbsp.
1/2 tablespoon tapioca starch (if you don’t have it, you can use cornstarch instead)
Vegetable oil (for frying)
How to make Bunny Rice in Karaage Chicken Park
remove the chicken bone Then cut into bite-sized pieces, approximately 1.5 x 1.5 inches, put in a mixing bowl and prepare.
Put the soy sauce on it. mix to combine Marinate for about 30 minutes.
make rabbit rice by putting rice into a mold for pressing rice (Soak the print in water before using it to prevent the rice from sticking to the print) and then press the rice out. Put it in a box and prepare it.
Make a set of decorations for rabbit rice. Start by making a dress by using a mold to press on the ham. Make a bunny face by pressing seaweed into its eyes, nose, and mouth. Make red flowers for garnishing with crab sticks. Then take all the components to decorate the pressed rice beautifully.
Scoop the marinated chicken into a sieve, drain the water, then add the eggs. followed by fried dough and sifted tapioca flour Mix together and prepare.
Put vegetable oil in a pan, bring to a boil, fry the chicken until golden brown. Scoop up, drain and prepare (tip: how to test (If the oil is hot or not, dunk the chopsticks in. If the oil is hot, it will bubble up.)
Fry the remaining eggs into thin strips until cooked, then cut into strips and roll them. Prepare, arrange everything in a beautiful rice box, ready to serve.
3. Doraemon Glutinous Rice Box with Grilled Pork
Breakfast looks good, ready to serve here. Doraemon glutinous rice box menu, grilled pork recipe from Khun jin leng, member of website. Shape the glutinous rice into a ball and put it in blue. beautiful makeup Put the pork on top as you like.
Ingredients: Doraemon Sticky Rice Box with Grilled Pork
Blue and white glutinous rice
Grilled Pork
crab sticks
How to make Doraemon Sticky Rice Box with Grilled Pork
Shape the glutinous rice of both colors into 2 balls each. The blue glutinous rice is larger than the white glutinous rice. to make the face and body of Doraemon
Put the glutinous rice together to form the shape of Doraemon in the rice box.
Cut crab sticks into eyes, nose, collar and ventricle.
Cut seaweed into strips for garnishing for tentacles, mouth, and eyes. Finally, put the pork on top and serve.
4. Bento under the sea
wow ! Imagination is overflowing for an undersea bento. A recipe from Gourmet & Cusine magazine captures Japanese rice mixed with a blue-colored sea. and decorated with pressed meat with animal candy molds I said it was very beautiful.
Ingredients: Bento under the sea
Japanese rice
Different types of vegetables, both fresh and boiled.
fish meat
sweet egg
fruit of your choice
blue food coloring
Animal candy prints
plastic bag
How to make bento under the sea
make the blue sea Using Japanese rice mixed with blue food coloring. Put them in a plastic bag, shake them together, and arrange them in a bento box to become a beautiful sea.
Arrange vegetables and decorate them with the story of Undersea Bento, such as placing mushrooms on rocks under the sea. Press scrambled eggs with starfish prints, use meats such as fresh salmon, crab sticks, and colorful fruits and vegetables to decorate them to create beautiful corals and anemones.
Put Japanese rice in a fish and shell mold. Use vegetables to decorate the fish as you imagined. As for the fish scales, the grapes can be sliced ​​into thin glasses and arranged easily and beautifully.
The cream sauce that you eat with the bento set can be squeezed into a beautiful pattern. (In the recipe, mayonnaise is squeezed over the rice to form a shell. to add more beautiful patterns)
Assorted vegetables, fruits, or meats to be placed in a bento set. In addition to taking into account the beauty You must also pay attention to whether it is a raw material that the recipient likes to eat or not.
5. Baked Egg Muffins with Greens and Berries Salad
At the request of the children, they had to make baked egg muffins, a recipe from @Kitchen magazine , a muffin with various ingredients and, of course, eggs. More green and berry salad
Ingredients Baked egg muffins with green salad and berries (serves 2)
1/4 cup chopped onion
Assorted sweet peppers (diced) 1/3 cup
1/4 cup diced mushrooms
Bacon (chopped) 2/3 cup
4 eggs
black pepper
1 cup mozzarella cheese
lettuce of choice
cherry tomatoes
Berries of your choice, such as strawberries, blueberries, etc.
How to Make Baked Egg Muffins with Greens and Berries Salad
Wash salad vegetables and fruits. Then place it in the air to dry. put in the prepared boxes
Mix onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and bacon in a mixing bowl. Scoop into muffin tins that have been greased with oil, about 2-3 spoons per mould.
Crack the eggs into a bowl, beat to combine, season with a pinch of salt and pepper. Pour about 2/3 molds into muffin tins and sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.
Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes or until cooked. Served with green salad, tomatoes and berries
Tip: You can add flavor to a salad with a salad dressing with honey, mustard, and apple cider vinegar. and olive oil together Add a little salt and taste to your liking.
6. Rappeta Cheese

If your child is bored of rice, try making rapfeta cheese, a recipe from @Kitchen magazine . Wrap tortillas wrapped in cheese, scrambled eggs and vegetables, roll them into pieces and cut them beautifully.
Ingredients for rapfeta cheese (serves 2)
4 tortillas
5-6 dried tomatoes
Feta cheese 150 g.
4 eggs
1/4 cup fresh milk
black pepper
salted butter
2 cups spinach leaves
How to make rapfeta cheese
Cut the sun-dried tomatoes into small pieces and set aside.
If the feta cheese is large, crush it into small pieces.
Beat eggs and fresh milk together. Season with salt and pepper.
Scoop the butter into the pan, wait until the butter melts, add the eggs to make scrambled eggs. Ladle into a bowl and set aside.
heat the pan Place the tortillas on it. Wait until the hot dough is reduced to low heat. Brush with salted butter all over. With young spinach leaves, scrambled eggs, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese, roll into pieces and serve
Tips : You can add vegetables like onions, mushrooms and chopped bell peppers to mix with scrambled eggs as you like.
7. Chicken breast cubes with eggplant dipped in eggplant

Add protein to your loved ones with Chicken Breast Cubes and Eggplant, a recipe from kaokiemonkey, a member of. Grab the minced chicken breasts and season them with salt and black pepper. Shape into a ball and then fry without using oil until cooked. Served with riceberry rice and eggplant dipped in eggplant
Ingredients: Chicken breast cubes and eggplant dipped in egg
200 g chicken breast
pink salt
black pepper
kaffir lime leaves
1 eggplant
2 eggs
How to make chicken breast cubes with eggplant dipped in eggs
Peel the chicken breast skin and cut the chicken breast into small pieces, finely chop. Season with pink salt and black pepper.
Cut the kaffir lime leaves into small pieces, add them and mix well. then shape into a ball put in the fryer
Fry in an oil-free fryer at 180 °C for 15-20 minutes (or pan pan / use a hot air fryer).
Cut the eggplant into bite-sized pieces, crack the egg into a bowl, beat until cracked.
Heat a pan, add a little coconut oil. Coat the eggplants with eggs. Fry in a pan until cooked, arrange in a box, serve with riceberry and applesauce.

8. Pork over rice

When the beloved child wants to eat pork So mom asked for a menu of pork rice bowl, a recipe from Khun kaokiemonkey, a member of website. Stir fried pork with coconut oil Season with oyster sauce and sprinkle with white sesame.
pork rice ingredients
Pork sirloin 150 g
1/2 head onion
1 spring onion
coconut oil
1 tbsp oyster sauce
plain water
1 egg
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 boxes of brown rice / 1 ladle per box
Vegetables or fruit of your choice
white sesame
How to make pork rice bowl
Chop the onion, spring onion and pork sirloin.
Heat a pan, add coconut oil Add onions and stir fry.
Add pork and stir. Add sauce and a little water, stir until cooked, cover about 1 minute.
Crack the eggs, beat until cracked, then put them in the pan and sprinkle with spring onions.
Ladle into a rice box, sprinkle with white sesame seeds. Eat with vegetables and fruit as you like.
For those who want to see more cute bento pictures in case more ideas for organizing lunch boxes Let’s come and see.

9. Bento Rice Balls and Sausages

The most creative Ben table takes the rice mixed with colorful colors and forms it into a ball. Eye and mouth makeup with algae Arrange a nice chevron sausage along with fresh fruit.
10. Cat’s Bread Box, Boiled Eggs and Muffins
From making sandwiches that look normal. Let’s try to transform into Nong Meow, shall we? Splice the ham filling or apply jam as you like. Comes with a delicious rat-shaped boiled egg. Served with lettuce, muffins and fresh fruit

11. Bear Ham Cheese Sandwich Lunch Box

Let’s continue with another breakfast sandwich menu that is. Ham and Cheese Sandwich transforms into Father Bear and Mother Bear. Served with salad and fresh fruit

12. Cheese and Fresh Fruit Lunch Box

Who has leftover cheese, press it into a star shape, fill your eyes and mouth? Then decorate it on the top of the bread to add a lot of flavor. It’s not enough, it comes with almonds, vegetables and fresh fruit. Let’s continue to watch the lunch box menu to go to school in the style of Khun Karuna Sirakulyawan (Mother A Claire) .

13. Pink Rabbit Rice with Egg Rolls and Fried Pork

Sweet pink rabbit rice ball, sweet smile with fried pork ball and sweet egg. in the midst of a seaweed and salad garden

14. Hamster Rice Balls

Big mouse rice ball Fill the eyes and ears with algae. Garnished with nuggets and scrambled eggs. Add green vegetables to add more color to look appetizing.

15. Breakfast Boiled Egg Rice Box

This simple lunch box menu consists of thinly sliced ​​boiled eggs placed on top of steamed rice and garnished with boiled broccoli and fresh fruit.

16. Pee Mee’s Cheese Sandwich with Fried Shrimp

Triangle bread topped with Pee Bear cheese. stuffed with fried shrimp or other fillings of your choice, on top of green vegetables

17. Dog and Chicken Rice Box

Dog-shaped rice balls garnished with seaweed, ham, and chros, served with jalapeño chicken and ham rolls with green vegetables.

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