It’s high time to migrate Oracle EBS to Oracle cloud

It’s high time to migrate Oracle EBS to Oracle cloud
It’s high time to migrate Oracle EBS to Oracle cloud

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a collection of solutions for improving your business’s management and functioning. The use of EBS on the oracle cloud will help your business with quick, less expensive, and most optimized solution. Migration of EBS in a cloud environment can be done without requiring any effortful configuration, business change, or linkage. The migration of EBS is more flexible, highly productive, and less expensive than any other cloud approach. If your business is using EBS for order, manufacturing, stock management, or accounts purposes, it can be easily customized according to your business needs and migrate to oracle. There is no need to start from scratch, and the flexibility to link everything you do into the cloud environment is the advantage of cloud EBS. Benefits of cloud EBS are:


Cloud EBS helps the business to tackle the new technology to update accordingly and come up with innovative ideas to deal with the updated innovation in the market. The cloud EBS helps the organization deals with all the unfavourable technology change and makes the business soundproof for the future. It is the updated version of the Oracle EBS, which find it difficult to handle large data and excessive workloads.

Improved Performance

The Oracle EBS migration helps the companies predict their performances fast with accuracy. The cloud EBS has a fast network, and high-capacity servers to come up with the results according to your expectations. The cloud EBS keeps the data safe and secure and allows the users access to the last reliable data, which provides better accessibility and reliability


The cloud EBS is cheap as compared to other cloud software. It uses less infrastructure, leading to lower costs. These provide better performance at a lower cost. It reduces the overall cost of the company by reducing the overhead expenses, investments in infrastructure, and running multiple times workload data.

Reliable data

Security is an essential feature of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle offers protection such as security of the data, internal threats, security of the information, and other threats that can hamper the data warehouse. It also prevents attackers who can manipulate the data or carry away the data from the cloud. Businesses can use innovative ways to authenticate their data and verify every user and protect their data from the high risk of being stolen.

Easily implemented

Oracle EBS can be easily migrated and implemented to cloud EBS, which offers a host of tools to support its workload of it.  Cloud EBS contains unique features to migrate, integrate and implement with ease all the oracle databases. Little or slight changes are to be made to reduce the cost of the business, reduce the time frame and enhance productivity. It does not require your expert team a lot of time and hence the time saved can be used by the expert team is more important to use.

Migrating from Oracle EBS to cloud EBS is a tedious job and hampers the organization with lots of time and budget but with Opkey you can migrate EBS to cloud infrastructure without hampering your budget and time. Opkey helps you with 100% coverage when migration takes place. It provides a no-code interface that helps the business to migrate with its technical resources only.

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